Voices of Race

Skokie Public Library's 2015 series Voices of Race is the 2016 recipient of the ALA Excellence in Library Programming Award. I have presented a version of this topic at the following:

Public Library Association (PLA) Conference - April 2016

  • Presented with Diane Sussman and Miriam Lytle
  • Program Title: Better Together Civic Engagement and Civic Dialogues

Urban Libraries Council Webinar - May 2016

  • Presented with Carolyn Anthony and Jim Szczepaniak
  • Program Title: How Skokie Public Library is Addressing the Topic of Race

Public Library Association (PLA) Webinar - June 2016

  • Presented with Sarah Lawton and Amy Sonnie
  • Program Title: Engaged and Inclusive: Libraries Embracing Racial Equity and Social Justice

Public Library Association, Urban Libraries Council , 4/2016